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California Institute of Technology, PhD, Computation and Neural Systems | 2006-2012 | Preceptor: Richard Andersen, Ph.D.
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston | MS, Neuroscience | 2004 - 2006 | Mentor: David Eagleman, Ph.D.
Harvard University | BA, Physics | 1997-2001

Stetson, C., Andersen, R.A. (2015) Early Planning Activity in Frontal and Parietal Cortex in a Simplified Task
Stetson, C., Andersen, R.A. (2014) The Parietal Reach Region Selectively Anti-Synchronizes with Dorsal Premotor Cortex during Planning
Cui, X., Stetson, C., Montague, P.R., Eagleman, D.M. (2009). Ready...Go: Amplitude of the fMRI Signal Encodes Expectation of Cue Arrival Time. PLoS Biol 7(8): e1000167
Stetson C, Fiesta MP, Eagleman DM. (2007). Does Time Really Slow Down during a Frightening Event?. PLoS ONE 2(12): e1295
Stetson C, Cui X, Montague PR, Eagleman DM. (2006). Motor-sensory recalibration leads to an illusory reversal of action and sensation. Neuron. 51(5):651-9.
Master's Thesis (2006). David Eagleman, Ph.D., Advisor
Wang J, Anderson J, Lane T, Stetson C, Moore J. (2000). Contrast-detail characteristic evaluations of several display devices. J Digit Imaging. 13(2 Suppl 1):162-7

Society for Neuroscience Annual Meetings, 2004-2013 (posters; talks in 2007, 2011); RIKEN Summer Program, Japan 2010 , Sloan-Swartz Centers For Theoretical Neurobiology, Annual Meeting, 2007, 2008, 2009 (talks), 2010 (poster); Stetson C, Lakhani A, Eagleman DM. (2006). How do motor acts change time perception? Journal of Vision. 5, 8, 767, p 767a; Society for Neuroeconomics Annual Meeting, September, 2006 (talk); NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan 2005 (talk); Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting, 2004 -2005 (posters); Experimental Philosophy Lab, UCSD (talk) 2004;

CS/CNS/EE 156b: Learning Systems, Yaser Abu-Mustafa, Ph.D., Winter 2010
CNS/Bi 256: Decision Making, Richard Andersen, Ph.D., Spring 2010

Sloan-Swartz Fellowship | 2007
RIKEN Institute | Summer Program, Ichiban presentation | 2010

"Systems and Methods for Visualizing and Manipulating Graph Databases" (USPT, applied 2013)
"Device and method for measuring information processing speed of the brain" (USPT 9095295)

Helynx | Co-founder | 2014-
Andersen Lab, Caltech | Post-doctoral Scholar | 2/2012-2014
Laboratory for Perception and Action, UT Houston | Research Associate | 10/2003-12/2003
Designed and built wristwatch-sized "neural chronometer" to measure perception during human free-fall
MIT Lincoln Laboratory | Assistant Staff in Laser Adaptive Optics | 2001-2003
Worked in a team to design and build high-altitude instruments to perform airborne laser propagation experiments | Designed and developed in-flight embedded data acquisition systems and ground-based command system | tested aircraft materials with exposure to high energy lasers
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory | X-Ray Rocket Research Assistant | 1999-2001
Co-designed and coded flight software for on-board camera and filter assembly of a rocket-borne telescope | responsible for the unfailing operation of these scientific components. analyzed coronal loop data from the TRACE x-ray satellite
UT Southwestern Medical Center | MRI Research Assistant: Department of Medical Physics | 1999
Designed, build devices for fMRI scanner interface
The Harvard Krokodiloes | 3 3-month, 6-continent World Tours, 1998 - 2001

Science stuff (experimental design, animal surgery and care, building circuits and other apparatus, R, Python, Matlab, IDL, UNIX) | C++, especially for embedded systems and machine learning

Building and coding things (electronic musical instruments, animation algorithms ) | Stringed instrument playing, vocalizing, illustration | Mountaineering, backcountry skiing, kiteboarding